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Welcome To Chiltern Sports Massage

Sports massage is not just for the sports person – anyone of all ages can benefit from regular massage. The treatments work to enhance the quality of the soft tissues within the body. Massage will increase blood supply, release tension, and can help realign scar tissue, as well as flushing out lactic acid. It also redresses imbalances that build up through training and everyday activities, such as computer or repetitive strain related issues, which allows clients a greater freedom of movement and as a consequence, a better quality of life.

A number of different techniques are used throughout the treatments to ensure that the best results are achieved with minimal discomfort.

After an initial consultation, each client receives a tailor-made plan, according to his or her physical needs or injuries, which is then constantly reviewed at each session.

Chiltern Sports Massage has a modern clinic in Little Kingshill and home visits can be arranged, as and when required.


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